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Deadly Ponies Leading the Way Forward with Sustainable Packaging

Deadly Ponies was founded in 2005 by Liam Bowden and Steven Boyd, starting as a small operation in Liam Bowden's garage. It has since evolved into a renowned New Zealand luxury leather bags and accessories brand, celebrated for its unique design philosophy and unwavering commitment to excellence. Deadly Ponies has worked tirelessly to keep sustainability and transparency at the core of their brand values and today is synonymous with contemporary design and eco-friendly luxury. 

Recognised for their commitment to eco-friendly practices, Deadly Ponies won the Most Sustainable Business of the Year and the Best Customer Experience awards at the 2023 Newmarket Business Awards. They have also gained recognition for their transparency and ethical practices aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Classique has partnered with Deadly Ponies for several years, evolving together towards fully sustainable packaging solutions that align with the brand's aesthetic and environmental values. Our custom packaging features high-quality recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, designed in close collaboration with the Deadly Ponies team to enhance customer experience without compromising on luxury or environmental responsibility. Our range includes retail carry bags, online collapsible boxes, printed tissue paper, Christmas packaging, and limited-edition releases.

As we continue our journey with Deadly Ponies, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what sustainable luxury can achieve, ensuring that our packaging solutions are made with as much care as the products they hold.