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We make it easy, providing you with expert support at every step of the way from review of your requirements and advice on best solutions, concept and design, right through to manufacture and delivery of your bags and post-purchase support. At each step the process is customised to your needs and we’re always on-hand for a chat.

1. Advice
Our highly trained staff offer advice on all your business’s packaging needs. We’ll help you assess the options around cost, size and function, bespoke finishes, sustainable choices and more.

2. Design
Our in-house design team will work with you on all things creative and will supply you concept images for approval prior to production.

3. Manufacture
When your quote is approved we can begin manufacture of your products. This generally takes 8-10 weeks for custom products.

4. Warehousing & Distribution
Once completed, we can bulk ship to your place of business, or hold in our warehouse and distribute countrywide on your behalf.

5. Reporting
If we are distributing on your behalf, we track product usage, provide you with monthly reports and give you a heads up when re-orders should be placed.