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Classique International believes that they are at the forefront of eco friendly retail packaging. Our R & D of environmentally friendly solutions is constant with all individual industry developments given due diligence for suitability to the New Zealand market.

We actively promote the use of degradable additives in all of our production. We are fully aware of the perceived damage plastic bags have on the environment and along with the above promotion of degradable plastics we recycle all waste plastic as detailed in the section below.

Classique is Certified Green Carbon Neutral through its operations including its recycling program. Classique remains extremely conscious of the effects that waste, in particular plastic waste, has on the environment. Classique actively promotes the addition of degradable additives in all it’s plastic bags, as well as promoting the need for recycling.

Classique has a long term relationship with plastic recyclers within New Zealand, the stronger of which is held with Enviroreel. They specialise in the production of plastic piping, fence posts and road cones, all made from 100% recycled plastics. Classique collects all waste plastics, over runs, cancelled and faulty stock and stores for weekly collection from Enviroreel.

Classique has been 'Green Carbon Friendly Certified.' The Green Carbon organisation in New Zealand asses business's and helps reduce their carbon footprint through better business practices. View site

Our plastic bag factory uses EPI degradable additive. The degradable additive enables the plastic to breakdown over a period of time, which lessens the impact plastic bags can have on the environment. View site